Chinese New Year 2024 : Malaysia School Holiday & Public Holiday

Chinese New Year 2024 : Malaysia School Holiday & Festive Origin

Chinese New Year (CNY), or Lunar New Year, is one of Malaysia’s most significant celebrations. It is also the most essential family celebration and includes a week of official public holiday. This is because our country is a multi-racial country, and one of the largest races in Malaysia is the Chinese.

In 2024, this Chinese New Year festival will be celebrated from February 10, 2024. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about this festival, continue reading until the end of the article

The Origin of Chinese New Year

The history of the Chinese New Year festival can be traced back to about 3,500 years ago. Chinese New Year has evolved, and its customs have undergone a long developmental process.

Some people believe that the Chinese New Year originated in the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC) when people held sacrificial ceremonies in honour of gods and ancestors at the beginning or the end of each year.

The origins of the Chinese New Year are steeped in legend. One legend is that thousands of years ago, a monster named Nian (“Year”) would attack villagers at the beginning of each new year. The Monster was afraid of loud noises, bright lights, and the colour red, so those things were used to chase the beast away.

Celebrations to usher out the old year and bring forth the luck and prosperity of the new one often include firecrackers, fireworks, and red clothes and decorations. Young people are given money in colourful red envelopes. In addition, Chinese New Year is a time to feast and visit family members. Many traditions of the season honour relatives who have died.

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When is Chinese New Year 2024?

The New Year in China falls on a different date than the Gregorian calendar each year because it is determined by the lunar calendar instead. The dates usually range sometime between January 21 and February 20.

For 2024, The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 10 February 2024 (Saturday).

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According to Malaysia Federal Government, public holiday is allocated for all states in Malaysia during these 2 days:

  • 10 February 2023
  • 11 February 2023
Refer to : Cuti Umum Malaysia 2024


The public holiday allocated for school students in Malaysia during Chinese New Year 2024 is as below:

  • 9 February 2024 – 9 March 2024 (Kumpulan A – Johor, Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu)
  • 9 February – 10 March 2023 (Kumpulan B – Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan KL, Putrajaya, Labuan) – 1 extra day given by KPM *refer to Lampiran C

Chinese Calendar

The traditional Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar which identifies years, months, and days according to astronomical phenomena. A more purely lunar calendar was also known in China; however, this was not widely accepted by farmers who focused on seasons and predictability.

The traditional Chinese calendar also focuses on the solar cycle to produce a helpful agricultural calendar. The Chinese lunisolar calendar has had several significant variations over time and history. Despite the name, it also considers other astronomical phenomena besides the sun and moon cycles, such as the planets and the constellations (or mansions) of asterisms along the ecliptic.

The logic of the calendar’s various permutations has been based on the technical aspects of mathematics and astronomy, philosophical considerations, and politics. The influence of the Gregorian calendar is evidenced in modern times, and the disparities between different lunisolar calendars and others are notable.

Typical features of the calendars include cyclical considerations, such as the ganzhi system or repeating cycles of months or solar terms. One calendrical consideration may be the consecutive numbering of years from a chosen starting year, such as the inauguration of Huangdi or the birth of Confucious. Also, many dynasties had their own dating systems.

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CNY 2024 in Malaysia

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia. This is because our country is a multi-ethnic country, where there are also Chinese people here.

On the day of this festival, the Chinese community in Malaysia will clean their houses early in the morning because they are not allowed to sweep up the trash during the festival, as it is considered an act of sweeping away wealth. While throwing away trash is associated with removing luck from the house

In addition, the Chinese community will also decorate their homes with red lanterns. They will also prepare food for the guests and give Ang Pau. The Lion Dance will also be performed in some areas to celebrate this festival.

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